TOEFL iBT writing samples with answers [I got TOEFL itp 560]


Sample answer written by me (I got TOEFL itp 560)

In Japan, It is rare to see someone talking to a stranger. Japanese, especially people in Tokyo don’t have the custom of talking to strangers. When you take train, what you see is people talking to their smartphone. I think some people have reasonable ideas why they don’t talk to strangers. That talking to strangers is dangerous because there are many crazy people in Tokyo is one of them. Even so, I believe that you should talk to strangers for the following three reasons.

First, talking to strangers may help you improve your communication skills. As technology develops, the less communication you have. You don’t talk to human but to computer. For example, in order to buy vegetables, you needed to go to the greengrocer near to your house ten years ago. But nowadays, thanks to the improvement of technology, you don’t need to go out. All you have to do is just to click the mouse. There are many Internet stores and you don’t have to communicate with people to buy things. It is true that this is very convenient and improve your quality of life, but this is also true that it decrease your communication skills. Communication is the fundamental part of human, so you may lose something important as human if you don’t talk to human. In this sense, taking to strangers may help you to solve this problem.

Second, talking to strangers may get rid of the negative feelings to others. Since there are too many people in Tokyo, you may get into trouble when you live there. For example, you have many chances of bumping into others even if you try not to do so. When you take trains every day, it is inevitable to be attacked by strangers. This kinds of experiences is likely to affect how you see others. And after being attacked by scary people, you may be afraid others and guess that everyone is such person. It can’t be denied that there are so many crazy people in train, but it is completely false that everyone is such person. There are, if little, kind persons even in Tokyo. Talking to strangers may tell you the fact to you. You may realize that Tokyo is not such bad place by talking to strangers.

Third, talking to strangers is the easy way to kill some time. When you wait for something, you may get bored if you have nothing to do to kill time. But talking to strangers doesn’t require anything. You can just talk to them, and kill some time.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that talking to strangers has enough good side even it contains some risks.

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